Today I finally decided to upgrade to gutsy on my work PC.  I know it’s kinda premature since gutsy is still in the beta stage, but some of my coworkers had upgraded successfully and I had upgraded my home PC’s as well without any major issues, so I thought: “What the hell?“.

I fired up the update-manager and the upgrade process went well without any issues. Upon first reboot my screen setup was messed up. I have a dual screens with a big desktop setup, but now they were in clone mode (same content on both screens). That was fixed by changing the driver in xorg.conf from radeon to fglrx and some other options.
Thought that was not the main issue. Whenever I logged in with gdm, I would get the brown background with a mouse cursor and nothing else, no menus, no programs, nothing. After a bit of messing around I notice that the desktop was loading, just very, very slowly. Like 10-15 minutes slow. I tried a lot of different stuff, but the issue boiled down to network configuration.
During the upgrade the /etc/network/interfaces file was modified and now neither lo nor eth0 was working. I fixed that, rebooted and everything worked flawlessly.

I hope that’s it. So far no more major issues and it’s nice to finally have pidgin, etc. at work.