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New email notification for Evolution v2

About a year ago I posted about a small python script that shows a pop up each time a new email arrives in Evolution.

Since then I’ve been working on a new version from time to time and with the release of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn it’s time to release a new version of my code. This time around it creates a status icon and a status icon pop up when new mail arrives as seen below

New email notification v2

When the icon or the pop up is clicked the Evolution window receives focus through the use of wmctrl. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to retrieve and display the subject of the email or to select the newly received email when giving focus to Evolution. Perhaps that will happen for v3. Feel free to give me pointers!

The script can be downloaded here.

To run the script you will needs these packages on Ubuntu:
apt-get install python python-dbus python-notify wmctrl

If you needs pointers on how to implement something similar I can recommend Python’s Status Icon doc as well as the Desktop Notifications Specification for communicating with dbus.

3 Kommentarer

  1. slamp

    how do you actually run this? is it like a daemon that i can just invoke from a command line?

  2. jay

    This needs a little more info about how to implement. Looks good, I tried it and got errors. There is nothing by the author here around implementation instructions and I don’t feel like poking around right now. Moving on.

  3. Xpf

    I try “python” but nothing…
    Wath are wrong?

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