This post may look like fiction to the untrained eye, but these events did in fact take place during the past two months.

I had planned for a long time to get myself a new flat screen TV during January this year, so early January I sold my old TV. About a week later I had done enough browsing and decided on the Philips 37PF9731D, and as I always do, I checked the pricelisting sites to find the cheapest place to buy. Tape Connection in Århus was the chepeast with an actual real life store, so I decided to order from them.

The order went well and after a couple of days I was notified that they were out of stock, but would be able to deliver about three weeks later. Dammit, I thought, but I was prepared to wait since the price was reasonable.

Three weeks pass and I was contacted by Tape Connection. Now they did not want to sell me the TV becuase they experienced too many issues with this specific model (See previous post). My initial reaction was something like “*!@#$, are you kidding me?!“, but after a little thinking I ordered the 32PF9731D instead – and this is where the real fun begin!

As with the first order I receive a delivery date notification, which in this case is in one to two days, since the TV is in stock. After a week with no futher messages from Tape Connection I send them an email asking what’s going on. I receive no reply. A couple days later I call them. And I call them. And I call them. And I… well I think you get the point. They don’t answer, except for one time where I got through, but apparently to a mobile in someones pocket, since all I got was noise and no response. After trying to reach Tape Connection 8-10 times via phone and several via email, I come to the conclusion that I really don’t feel like doing business with them. Since I couldn’t reach them on the phone. I sent them yet another email to cancel the order.

At this point I check the pricelisting sites again I find to be even cheaper than Tape Connection. Since is a netshop I call them to check on what to do if I have issues with the TV and suchs, but it’s no different that if I had purchased the TV in a real store. I order the TV around 4PM and received in the next day around noon. Speedy delivery indeed! So a little over a month after I sold my old TV, I receive my new TV. Good thing my Xbox was broken in that time period as well or I would probably have had a psychic breakdown 🙂

Unfortunately the story isn’t over with Tape Connection. The next week they notified me that they had sent me the 32PF9731D TV. I call them immediately, they are a little puzzled, but accept that I want to cancel the order. Conclusion to this little predicament: They don’t read their mail. However they already withdrew the money from my account. The next day they transfer the money back, the only problem is they transfer the amount for a 37″ TV instead of a 32″ TV, which is approximately 50% too much. Since I’m an honest man I call them to tell them about the error. I get their accountant; she’s absolutely clueless. She immditaely thinks they owe me money. I explain it to her, but she keeps mixing up my two orders. After several minutes of me explaining, she reiterates what I told her and she got it all wrong. At this point I’m seriously considering hanging up the phone and just keeping the money, since they would probably never find the error anyway. But after a couple more minutes of explanation, we decided that I should simply transfer the difference between the two prices back to them.

This concludes the Tape Connection purchase expirence so far. In case you were in doubt, I highly recommand you do not order from them. Still, I have read about people that are satisfied with Tape Connection, but let’s just say I’m definitely not and let’s stop right there. At this point in time I’m just wondering if they are going to mix up the orders again and withdraw or transfer more money from/to me. I hope not.

If you understand Danish, you can read more about the reasons and issues with the Philips 37PF9731D on I believe this is the reason why Tape Connection didn’t want to sell me the TV and judging from their website they don’t sell Philips TV’s at all anymore. Currently my TV shows no sign of these issues, but in case they show up it’s just a matter of calling Philips anyway, and so far it’s been the TV of my dreams. 1080 HD input from the 360, 720 HD input from the media center (which this post is written on :)), ambilight, dual tuners, UPNP capable media browser, instant Text-TV and all the other stuff. I highly recommend it!

There’s a brilliant review at LCD Reviews and the Philips website has more information.