I downloaded Windows Vista Pre-RC1 today. A 2.5 gb download – good thing we have a fast connection at work.

I figured, since we have to return our laptops at work, why not test run Vista on it now. It sucks we have to let the laptops go, but we got some badass desktop machines instead, much better suited for software development. Anyway, the Vista install went pretty smooth, but a couple of drivers were missing, like audio. The cool thing though is that they were installed automaticly the first time I connected to the internet. Neat, and you don’t have to worry about proprietary drivers like you do on linux – since all of them are proprietary. Not nessecarily a good thing, but did make my life easier at least for a little bit.

Vista’s Areo interface is really nice and the effects reminds me a lot of Mac OS and XGL on linux. My 1.6 ghz laptop was measure as a 2.0 with Vista performance tool. The radeon M300 was dragging everything down in the rating, but still Windows feels responsive – so maybe not that big of a deal. Overall Vista is great, but I dislike the fact the everything at the top of the screen – menubars, etc – turn black whenever you maximize a window. It feels like the top inch of your screen is missing.

They funny thing with Windows – when you’re done installing, have run a few of the included programs but not really satisfied with eg. mail program, word processing, etc. you don’t have the option to just download and install something better or different. That’s what I love about linux, apt-get is your friend!