ies4linux LogoI spend a lot of time designing websites, both a work and at home in my private time. I use the Firefox / Linux combo and try to stay as close to the W3C specifications as possible, but as we all know, that doesn’t necessarily mean a good end result in Internet Explorer. I still have access to Windows, but only as a dualboot option, so that would mean I would have to reboot my PC just to test a website, which isn’t a viable option in the long run.

Luckily, the nice guy Sérgio Lopes over at made a nice little script that makes installing Internet Explorer on linux a breeze. He calls it ies4linux and currently version 2.0 beta 6 is available. The scripts gives you the option to install 3 different versions of IE, and Macromedia Flash 8 is part of the package as well. Unfortunately, flash video flicker way too much to be usuable on my setup, but IE is working just fine. It glitched out on the first run though, but since then it’s been fine.