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Back in business

So I received a new Xbox 360 last friday and so far it’s running just fine. It’s produced on the 26th of March 2006, so it’s not really brand new. I just hope it will last more than 13 months from production date like my last 360.

 Anyway, the communication with Microsoft Xbox Support was really an experience. You see, in Denmark we have the option for either english or swedish support, not danish. I had to call them three times to just get my 360 shipped.

First time they messed up with my address, so I had to call again so they could correct it. Second time they were kind enough to send me a card board box I could return the 360 in. People on the ‘net call this a coffin, which is kinda fun 🙂

So after about a week UPS delivered the card board box, but they refused to take it back. So I have to call support a third time and luckily this time the girl on the other end actually understood english. About two weeks after my 360 died, it was finally shipped off to Microsoft Repair Center.

According to UPS tracking they received it monday 29th, and I received a new Xbox on friday 2nd. It was really rather unexpected they would resolve it so soon, so I was a happy camper this weekend. Well, actually I got sick, so not really, but at least I got a 360 to keep me company again.

R.I.P. 2005-12-16 – 2007-01-14

My Xbox360 died yesterday. I’ve never had any problems with it until yesterday. It’s been turned off for a couple of days because I sold my big TV, but I was startig to feel the urge again so I conneced it to my small TV.

I played for like 20-30 mins, when it suddenly froze and the audio stopped with a short beep. “That’s odd”, I thought and powered it off, then on. And again I froze this time in the startup animation. “Oh shit”, I said to myself, “This is bad”. A couple resets later I was greeting with the dreaded red ring of light.

So today I phoned Microsoft Xbox Support and they are going to send UPS to collect it. Thats good, but the timing is absolutely ass. I was planning to purchase a brand new HDTV this week, and now I don’t have a gaming console to plug into it, nor a DVD player as my Xbox 360 was double for that. Hopefully I can connect my Media Center PC without a hitch.

The week of games

This years Electronic Entertainment Expo was this past week and naturally a shitload of new games and related information was announced. The most interesting in my opinion was the news on the Nintendo Wii and Sony’s PS3. The Wii is cool, the way you interact with the system feels new and very natural. The downside is that most Nintendo games have these cute characters in their game, it’s ok for some games, but for golf, tennis, etc. it looks goofy and it’s just plain wrong.

I don’t really know what to say about the PS3. I guess €599 says it all and Mr. Kutaragi stating that it’s “probably too cheap” just seems like a joke. I wonder what the pricetag will say when it hits Denmark. Ah, what do I care, I’ve always been a xbox fanboy anyway, and my Xbox 360 is keeping me entertained just fine 😉

Microsoft did, as I expected, have the best and most entertaining press conference, and most importantly presented a gameplay demo of Gears of War and announced Halo 3. What more can I ask of them 🙂
If you feel like watching the three console makers’ press conferences, Gamespot has some decent feeds. I don’t know about the low quality feeds, but the high quality feeds are nice, but I think they are only available to subscribers.

So with all this news in the gaming world I have been in a gaming mood all week. But with no time on my hands I didn’t get to play until the weekend, so I kinda wasted a bit too much time on it I guess. I finally finished Condemned, the last level was scary! And I’ve completed Call Of Duty 2 for the second time, this time on Veteran level, which mean I gained my first 1000 gamerscore on one game 😀
Right now seems like a good time ordering a new game. I just wish Gears of War was out now!

Finally broken into the 2K

After a visit down memory lane aka Condemned, I haven’t played that since January or February, I finally passed the 2K mark with my gamerscore 🙂

I’m wondering what game to get next. I’m leaning towards the new Tomb Raider game. The demo was pretty cool once I learned how to control Lara. I also tried most of the other new demos on Xbox Live Marketplace, but none of them felt that exciting. I mean Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is cool with awesome graphics and all, but I’m not sure if it’s my type of game and the other games just didn’t catch my attention.

Perhaps I should just wait until autumn for the second wave of nextgen games. Too Human and Gears Of War looks awesome so far and Frame City Killer looks quite interesting as well.

Mandatory gamercard post

Yeah, so I am a pretty big xbox nerd, so what better way to start my new blog than to post my gamercard. If you’re up for some Burnout Revenge feel free to send me an invite.

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