Halo 3 Beta

After 75 games of Halo 3 multiplayer goodness here are my impressions. As most others I got access to the beta through my specially marked Crackdown copy (all of them are marked so I’m in no way special 🙂 ). This is nice, but it also sucks major ass. Crackdown takes what feels like several minutes just to load to the menu screen – and you have to load Halo 3 through Crackdown! Anyway, this is about Halo and not about Crackdown.

I won’t go into detail about what’s in the beta, the net is flooded with that information these days. However I will tell you that I think the graphics are nice and fits well with the previous games in the Halo universe. The matchmaking is rather good as well, although I could complain about it, since for some reason I almost never win, which must totally be because of bad matchmaking, eh?! …or I just suck a Halo, which is much more likely.

The three levels in the Beta are sweet, although the Valhalla level is rather too big for a six player match in my opinion. I also enjoy the non-Slayer game types, but its been a long while since I played Halo 2 so everything seems nice and fresh. Crazy King is pretty fun, and VIP was a really interesting experience as well.

Only problem with the Beta is that it only lasts until June 10th and then we have to wait until September 26th until Halo 3 is finally unleashed upon the World. Meanwhile check my stats and see you in the Rumble Pit!