I’ve had my new TV for a little while now and am really satisfied with the picture quality for both HD and SD content. The problem is the amount of HD content I have access to is really rather limited. A HDTV feed in my area is too expensive for my taste so that pretty much leaves me to get HD content via the Internet. I am considering getting one of these HDDVD drives, but I would rather wait and see how this whole next-gen format war goes.

Anyway, so far I found a couple interesting HD sources on the Internet. There is Microsoft’s WMV-HD Showcase, but they’re only fun to watch for a short while. Then there’s Elephants Dream, which is an animated short film. It’s sort of an open-source movie which is pretty cool. You can download all the production files, making of and extras along with the movie itself from their website.

Probably the most interesting thing I found so far is Mariposa HD, which, as they put it, is the world’s first HDTV show for the Internet. If for nothing else, the show is worth download just for all the nice girls. I also like the scenic parts, which is quite amazing in HD. Their sixth episode will be out later this month so check it out.

That is pretty much all the free stuff I’ve found so far. Not a lot. Of course there’s a lot of HD trailers for both movies and games around, but that only goes so far. If you know of any other free HD stuff around please let me know.

Oh yeah, I also found this pretty cool Sony Bravia advert in HD, but it’s kinda wrong to play it on my TV since it’s a Philips 🙂