About the Movie Quiz

The Movie Quiz is a game addon for the XBMC Media Center software. It uses the information inside XBMC's video database to construct questions about your movie and tv-show collection. The question types includes What movie is this?, Who plays role in movie?, What movie has the longest runtime? and What studio relased movie?. See further down for a complete list of questions.

I initially started working on the addon in January 2011, when my girlfriend got they idea for guessing a movie based on a random clip. Since then it has evolved into many questions for both movies and tv shows as well as features such as online highscores, etc.

I am continuously improving the addon and always glad to get feedback, so please don't hesitate to contact me. You can use the XBMC forums or if you understand Danish you may want to visit my blog, which also has information on the other Danish addons I am working on.


Included question types

The Movie Quiz contains two sets of questions. One set is used for Movies and the other set is used for TV-shows. If you don't like a particular type of questions you can enable and disable them individually in the addon settings, effectively tailoring the questions to your liking!

Movie questions

  • What movie is this?
  • What movie is actor not in?
  • What year was movie released?
  • What tagline belongs to movie?
  • Who directed movie?
  • What studio released movie?
  • What actor is this?
  • Who plays/voices role in movie?
  • What movie is this quote from?
  • What movie is the newest?
  • What movie is not directed by director?
  • What actor is in these movies?
  • What actor is in movie besides actor?
  • What movie has the longest runtime?

TV-show questions

  • What TV-show is this?
  • What season of TV-show is this?
  • What episode of TV-show is this?
  • When was episode of TV-show first aired?
  • What was TV-show first aired?
  • Who plays/voices role in TV-show?
  • What TV-show is this quote from?
  • What TV-show is this theme from?